Prefabricated Backsplash

Prefabricated Backsplash Services

Are you feeling hesitant about completing a backsplash installation in your home due to the disruption caused by contractors during a remodel project?

When it comes to professional backsplash installations, consider Square One Contracting LLC. With our innovative technology, we can minimize our presence in your home while still delivering high-quality results. We can efficiently take measurements of the installation area in just 30 minutes, then fabricate the backsplash off-site. This allows us to quickly and cleanly install the backsplash in your home, typically completing the entire process in just 8 hours. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of coordinating with contractors and the mess of traditional construction methods.

The images above depict a backsplash installation completed by Square One Contracting at a customer's residence in less than 3 hours. Through careful pre-planning, we were able to install the backsplash with minimal disruption, leaving no mess or damage to surrounding surfaces. This was achieved by ensuring that all components of the backsplash were fully cured prior to installation, similar to the process of installing a countertop.